Zero100 handlebar

The Zero100 series is made up of aluminum bicycle components designed to guarantee you the highest level of performance. Today this series is Deda Elementi’s best sellers. When it comes to bike handlebars the Zero100 series offers a wide selection to satisfy your needs. Starting with the Shallow and Deep shapes up to the Anatomic and Rhm ones, all constructed in triple butted alloy 7075.

Zero100 handlebar stem

Strong, light and affordable, Zero100 bike stems are the perfect choice for sportive bicycles but also for every-day cycling, thanks to its versatility. Designed and manufactured to produce at top level and still for affordable prices. The bike stems are available with an angle of 82 or 70 degrees.

Zero100 bike seatpost

The Zero100 bike seatpost is the most popular of the moment because it combines the highest level of stiffness without compromising the weight. The Zero100 road bike seatposts are designed to last and manufactured from lightweight aluminium. The bike seatpost is available with a setback of 0mm and 12mm.