The importance of the perfect seatpost

Seatpost is a crucial component connecting the bicycle frame to the saddle making therefore a difference in the comfort of riding your bike. At Deda Elementi you can find seatposts for different applications such as road, gravel or mtb, various setback and materials to meet the needs of all types of cyclists. In terms of sizing, Deda seatposts for road & gravel bicycles are available in standard 27.2mm or 31.6mm diameter, while for mtb we also offers the 30.9mm option. We know how big is the importance to find the right position with the saddle, that’s why we provide seatpost with different setback options such as 25mm, 12mm or 0mm straight. The final choice is entirely a matter of personal preferences and riding styles, in any case choosing Deda you will always achieve the optimum seating/saddle position.

The best seatposts for road bikes

In Deda Elementi range you can find a wide offer of seatposts from the superlight design such as Superleggero to the vintage RS01 silver high-polished, carbon or aluminium. You can find more information on the product page you are looking for. Here you will also find all the specifications from the diameter to material and setback to achieve more comfort while on the saddle. No matter the bicycle you rides Deda has a seatpost that fits your frame, road, gravel or mtb. Before choosing the seatpost, check the compatibility with your bicycle brand.


Find the right bike part for you

Do you want to buy a seatpost for your bicycle? At Deda you will find the best components at the best quality to price ratio. Deda seatposts are available in different diameters, setback and materials, if you have doubts please always contact your local Dealer or a bike fitter to find perfect choice for your needs.


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