The importance of a bicycle handlebar that fits your needs

The handlebar is one of a crucial component on your bicycle. It’s one of the three major contact points with the bike (together with saddle and pedals) and it also controls how the bike handles. It plays also an important role as it determines the transition between the top, hoods or drop position, and affects the capability of using effectively the bicycle. On a flat ride, uphill or descent , comfort and good posture are of vital importance. Features such as the drop, reach and width will make the difference during your ride! At Deda Elementi you can find handlebars of various shapes, a range of drops, reach and materials to meet the needs of all types of cyclists. Currently the most popular shape is the RHM (rapid hand movement), a compact geometry that allows you to have a fast transition from the hoods to the drop and provides a superior confort when you ride the on the bar-end. Others 3 handlebars curves are still available at Deda range depending on your preferences, the Shallow (or Italian round), the Deep (or Belgian round) and Anatomic. More recently we have introduce the EOS (Endurance Optimized Shape) for the gravel handlebar Gera with a super compact reach and drop to deliver extra comfort and control. For road, gravel or mtb you can always find your best handlebar. Discover more information here after.

The best handlebars

In Deda Elementi range you can find a wide offer of handlebars from the superlight and classic design such as Superleggera RS to the innovative Vinci or the integrated Alanera, from aero and light Superzero to the vintage Speciale 26. No matter the bicycle you choose Deda has a handlebar that fits your needs. If you ride a bicycle model featuring the full internal cable routing, please check the compatibility between Deda DCR system and your bicycle brand at the FAQ/DCR. Several bicycle frame models are compatible with DCR system, for others we developed specific adapters for Vinci, Alanera and Superbox to make them compatible. Check the top cover adapters at DCR tech area of this site.

The best performance

We are continuously looking to improve our products. Besides a thirty-year experience in producing bicycle components, we work together with top cycling teams, athletes and mechanics to innovate and develop the best products out on the market. Every year our products are used by the top riders and cycling teams in the most difficult and demanding one-day classics like Milano-Sanremo or Paris-Roubaix as well as Gran Tours. New materials and aerodynamic designs play a very important role in this, that’s way we consistently invest in R&D and testing.

Find the right Deda Elementi handlebar

Do you want to buy a handlebar for your bicycle? At Deda you will find the best components at the best quality to price ratio. Deda handlebars are available in different width, shapes, curves and materials, if you have doubts please always contact your local Dealer or a bike fitter to find perfect choice for your needs.


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