Bar Tapes

Handlebar tapes for racing bikes The importance of a good quality bar tape Handlebar bar tapes determine how strong and secure your grip to the handlebar will be and therefore they play an essential part in deciding how comfortable your ride will be. At Deda Elementi you can find racing bike bar tapes of all kind of different brands, sizes, thicknesses, colours and materials available, every handlebar tape has its own purpose to serve your comfort, needs and your bicycle in the best way possible. The best bar tapes for racing bikes You can find more information about the the handlebar tape you need by reading the details on the product page. Here you will also find all the specific features from thicknesses to material and more. All the brands that you will find on our website produce the best bar tapes to make you feel at ease while riding. Note: Are you also looking for handlebar or Aero bars? Check out our collection of road handlebars and triathlon aero bars here.